FTP Testing

FTP Testing $25

There is no doubt that training with Power (Watts) is more efficient and effective. Knowing how many Watts you can produce will help you setup "zones" which can be used to setup a proper workout or training program. Whether you are working with a coach or training on your own Indoor Ride can help you find these zones with a Functional Threshold Power (FTP) Test. When you book your FTP Test with us you will have the benefits of a controlled environment with the best smart trainer on the market, the Wahoo Kickr. An Indoor Ride staff member will help you to setup and be there to motivate you through this tough test. If your coach has a testing protocol we can plug that into our program and give you the data he or she needs. If you aren't working with a coach we will go over the different testing protocols and help you to choose the test that is right for you. We will then give you your custom zones to use moving forward.

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