Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book my Ride?

It's simple! click Book my ride. To book your ride you will be asked the speed of your bike. Unsure? No problem! Looking at the rear cassette of your bike count the number of rings.

Why do you need to know what speed my bike is and how do I find that out?

The Wahoo KICKR is a direct drive bike trainer so you will be removing the rear wheel of your bike. That means no more training tires or skewers! To find out the speed of your bike look at the rear cassette of your bike and count the number of rings. That's your bike speed.

The Wahoo Kickr can accomodate 10 or 11 speed bikes, 8 or 9 speed bikes use the Wahoo Snap and the rear wheel stays on.

What are your hours?

Monday-Thursday 5:30am-12:00pm and 5pm-8:30pm

Friday - 5:30am-12:00pm

Saturday - 7:00am-12:00pm

Sunday - 8:00am-12:00pm

Our Coached Ride schedule is available here Coached Ride

What should I bring for my ride?

Your Bike, bike shoes, cycling shorts or kit, water bottle. We have towels and a water cooler for refills. We also have gels, bars, chews, tires, tubes, chain lube, chamois cream and more!

Since you will be removing the rear wheel of your bike its easiest to come to Indoor Ride with your bike in the littlest gear in the front and the littlest gear in the back.

What can I watch while riding?

Each station has a PC you can log into your Netflix, HULU or any streaming website you choose. We ask that the content you watch be appropriate for a public situation - if you'd be embarrarsed watching it with your mom its not appropriate for Indoor Ride. You can also access cycling software like TrainerRoad, Zwift and BKool Simulator.

Where should I park?

We are located at 281 Cabot St. There is metered street parking on Cabot and Knowlton St. $0.25 per hour with a 2 hour time limit. There are 2 public parking lots behind Brown's Bicycle and Atomic Cafe, which are also $.25 per hour. There is free parking on Knowlton St. as well.

Why should I ride indoors all year long?

There are lots of benefits to riding indoors on a trainer!

  • You'll get a high quality workout! No more struggling to find stretches of road for intervals
  • No more potholes, no more traffic, always a safe ride
  • IIt's Time Efficient - get in, get on get it done - less gear to deal with
  • The weather is always perfect at Indoor Ride!

Do you have bathrooms and showers?

Indoor Ride has two bathrooms but we currently don't have showers.

Can I keep my bike at Indoor Ride?

Bike Storage and valet service is available with our So Pro Membership.

Have more questions?

email us at info@indoorride.com

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