Coached Rides

We feature 4 different Coached Rides: Intervals, Time Trial, Hills and Mixed Terrain. Each is designed to get you cycling fit and improve your performance. Each class targets a specific cycling skill. All coached rides are power based and appropriate for all levels. Knowing your FTP will ensure an effective workout but is not needed. Don't know what FTP is or want to schedule a test? Click here.

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Single Class

  • $25.00

4 Class Pack

  • $90.00

8 Class Pack

  • $160.00

Your first Coached Ride is always free! Limit one per person.

Important Information

  • When booking your Coached Ride - you will asked what speed bike you are bringing. Bikes are 8,9,10 or 11 speed
  • Coached Rides are booked online, through Mindbody app or email
  • Coached Rides may be cancelled online up to 6 hours before start time
  • Unless otherwise stated all sales of Coached Rides are final
  • Coached Rides are 75 minutes long

Indoor cycling studio for cyclists and triathletes. Riders of all experience levels are welcome! Wahoo KICKR training stations, Power based coached classes, open ride times, events and group rides.