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Indoor Ride Studio

8 state of the art Wahoo Kickr Smart Trainer Stations equipped with individual PCs available for group rides and events.

Indoor Ride Insta Logo_dr2.jpg

Open Rides

60, 90 or 120 minute ride using your favorite cycling app to complete your workout.

Indoor Ride Insta Logo_dr2.jpg

Coached Rides

75 minute COACHED workouts designed to keep you fit and improve your performance.

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Book an OPEN Ride and you choose your Ride. Book a COACHED Ride and we coach the ride. Studio available for virtual group rides, team nights and events.

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This Saturday at 10:30am at Indoor Ride let's talk saddles with Fit To You Multisport. #fittoyoutri #cobbcycling #indoorride

Fit To You

The question. Can I put aerobar's on my road bike? The answer is a bit more complicated than just a simple yes or no. Join us this Saturday at 10:30 at Indoorride in Beverly to find out what the best answer is for you. We will be demonstrating the RedShift aero switch system. This is a quick release aero bar system with a unique seat post that allows for a quick switch from road to aero. Indoor Ride

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About Indoor Ride

Indoor Ride is the North Shore's FIRST and ONLY cycling studio featuring Wahoo KICKRs. With coached workouts, event booking, group rides and more we are the Training Studio for all levels of cyclists.